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The pay per click ads are totally different from the SEO but most of the businesses mixed it up with the SEO services, however the PPC is a famous internet advertising model that commonly used to bring traffic to the website by paid means. This concept is getting famous day by day due to the massive popularity and it is much easier online advertising service. It is a flexible program and has the massive keyword management capability form one to the thousands of them effectively. This service offered by the Digitalmization also analyze technicalities and reporting in the composition of easy and complex tactics. If you think that the pay per click services have the potential to acquire more traffic on your site than the Digitalmization have got to offer its reputed customers a fairly distinctive and customized assortment of tools according to the requirements of the business and our customers. Talk to our Google certified PPC experts to start getting targeted traffic right away.

Pay Per Click

What do we promise?
Run your ads on all or any; Search, Display, Video, Apps, Remarketing or Shopping Campaigns
Run your ads on all or any; Mobile, Desktop or Tablet
Pay as you like for; Impressions, Clicks, Purchase, Signups, Leads, Key-page view
Run ads on your choice of provider; Google AdWords, Facebook or Bing


Keywords Research: keywords are backbone of any PPC campaign so finding the right keywords are very crucial to success. We do hard work to find potential yet inexpensive keywords.
Landing Page Creation: If needed we'll create more landing pages to increase keywords quality score and conversion rate. AdWords specific landing pages will save you more money.
Account Structuring: We do deeper account structuring from the very beginning so you don’t have lose a dime because of poor account structure. It also helps in account analysis later.
Negative Keywords: Perhaps the most important factor of any successful PPC campaign. We use different methods to find general and industry specific negative keywords.
Bids Management: Bids directly affect the performance of any AdWords account, higher bids can waste you a lot of money and lower bids can cause low conversions.
Ad Copy: This is most important thing in AdWords. Ads is what user is going to see before clicking on it. We make sure to explain your business in few lines and entice with call to action.
Scheduling: If your business if time sensitive then it is very important that you don’t run it for full day or full week. We will schedule it to any day or any hours of the day.
Optimization: We don’t believe in the myth that AdWords doesn’t need regular optimization. We look after and optimize your account daily for as long as it’s active with us.

Discuss your project with us